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Suggestion System

We have a custom bot implemented by a community member that allows for us to have everything from user tickets and suggestions to everyday moderation in one place. The bot is super simple to use and has a prefix of -.

To prevent clutter and spam within our server these commands can only be used within our #feedback channel.

Server Commands

Most of the server commands are now limited to Contributors or higher, this is to keep things as simple as possible for the wider community.

Contributor Commands

The below commands are available for our contributors and can be used to assist in filtering quality ideas to bring into the repo.

Suggestions can be denied for two reasons, reason one is duplicate submission and reason two is low quality / doesn't fit the scope of this project.

Duplicate tickets can be denied with the following command. -sa dupe <message-id> <master-message-id>

Other tickets can be denied with the following command. -sa deny <message-id> <reason-for-deny>

Tickets can be approved with the following command. -sa approve <message-id> <reason-for-approval>

Tickets can be marked as implemented with the following command. -sa implement <message-id> <comment-here>

Comments can be added to tickets at any time with the following command. -sa comment <message-id> <comment-here>

- This can be used when an idea is pending a future roadmap.

With the introduction of free VMs for contributors you can also create a ticket from the #lounge channel using the -vm command.