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Chosing a Provider

With the game becoming as big as it has done over the last decade there have been hundreds of hosting providers of past and present that either deliver high-quality services or awful services that someone could pay you enough to use daily. The goal with this page is to highlight a few trustworthy names in the Industry that meet the following criteria.

  • Deliver to audiences at scale
  • Developed an overall positive reputation
  • Modernises hardware when required
  • Respectable end product for the price paid

It should be made clear that none of the references below are sponsored.

Apex Hosting

Apex is definitely not the cheapest name on this list however they're a provider heavily tailored to the inexperienced with 24/7 'hand-holding support', provide the most points of presence globally and utilise modest 5800x based CPUs.

  • Locations: Dallas, Frankfurt, Gravelines, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, Portland, San Jose, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vint Hill, Warsaw
  • Priced at $4.99/GB

Unparalleled price to performance with dedicated resources on high-end AMD Ryzen hardware and a bespoke customised version of the Pterodactyl panel.

  • Locations: Ashburn, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Falkenstein, Singapore (Performance+ plans only)


  • Essentials MC 4GB: $10/month
  • Performance MC 8GB: $18/month
  • Performance+ MC 8GB: $24/month


EnviroMC is a quality Minecraft service provider that focuses on both the budget and high-end requirements of their customers, as of Sept. 19th 2022 URHOST clients will be absorbed into EnviroMC as part of a takeover agreement.

  • Locations: Falkenstein, New York


  • Budget: $1/GB/month
  • Premium: $2.50/GB/month
  • Dedicated: See website for pricing

Senior Hosting

The hosting division of Senior Studios who are a Minecraft Marketplace partner, have worked with multiple high-profile youtube Minecraft content creators.

  • Locations: New York, London
  • Priced at $2.50/GB