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Economy Index

An economy is essential to your Minecraft server, it allows for players to buy and sell between one another or between your players and the server for in-game ranks / items etc.

Economies within Minecraft, much like the real world, can dictate supply and demand with availabilities of resources to your players. For example if you were running admin shops it would be possible to run a discount on certain items and random points within the year or if you want to make a product more valuable then this can be achieved too.

The goal with this section is to recommend some plugins that will allow you to build the framework for your own server's economy to take place.


Most, if not all plugins require your server to have an Economy API (such as Vault) and an Economy Handler (Such as TheNewEconomy) installed. A short list of handlers is below:

  • EssentialsX
  • TheNewEconomy (Optional Vault Support)
  • iConomy
  • Gringott's Economy